Early 2017 a fleeting thought occurred “why are all of these mass produced seasonings and rubs so bland and smell and taste like plastic?” so “on a humbug” Pawpa Bear Original Seasoning and Rub was born in our creative kitchen and perfected with our smoker and grill. My skepticism was sincere after being told “ooooh I gotta have some of that” and “You gotta make me some to take home” to “No really, Dude! that stuff is awesome. I can put it on anything”. They were right. We pretty much put it on everything. From eggs, grilling meats, salads, fruits and even popcorn. It did exactly what the name suggests. It added a bold pop of flavor. All personal skepticism was abolished when we rubbed and smoked a bunch of Tri-Tips with Pawpa Bear Original for a company gathering. We couldn’t cut and serve it fast enough. All other meats grew cold with envy. The accolades were apparent and all skepticism was gone. It was obvious that we had something great. Why keep a good thing to ourselves? That would just be selfish! So, we decided to share.

With the exponential growth we have experienced in our first 5 years. We now offer 3 lines of seasonings, rubs, brines, sauces, micro to small batch co-packing and private labeling of dry products and product development.