Bearly Legal Fizzing Poultry Brine

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Bearly Legal Fizzing Poultry Brine

Pawpa Flavor's Bearly Legal Fizzing Poultry Brine

After countless attempts to produce the most juicy and flavorful bird. Pawpa Bear quickly realized that an effervescent element added in his brine always produced juicier flavors much deeper into the meat. This has been his secret ingredient for many years. So, you know him, the secret is out. Sharing is caring.

Directions are for up to an 18lb bird (use two bags for larger)-

Set aside The Fizz bags. Clean a thawed raw turkey and remove all giblets and the neck. Bring the brine and 1 gallon of water, vegetable or chicken stock to a simmer for about 5 min. Enough time to dissolve the salt. Stirring frequently. Set aside and let cool completely to room temperature. Once brine is cooled- Open and pour the contents of The Fizz bags on top of each other in the middle of a clean/dry food grade 5-gallon sealable bucket or stock pot. Add cooled brine solution and 1 gallon of ice water. Immediately place turkey legs up and breast end down submerging in the solution. Fill with more ice and water if needed. Leaving a little room to add ice later. Seal the bucket and store in a cool location (50-65 degrees). Add ice as needed to keep the turkey nice and chilled. Brine for no less than 1 hour per pound and up to 48 hours. The longer the better. When done brining, remove turkey and rinse thoroughly (or you risk it being too salty). Discard the liquid. Prep and cook to 180°F in thigh. 170°F in breast. 165°F in stuffing. Carve and serve. Enjoy!

Pawpa Bear's tips-

Before cooking. Add butter between the skin and breast meat. Rub with a little olive oil and Pawpa Flavor Rosemary Garlic and or Mama Mia. Or, baste with melted butter mixed with a little flour and Pawpa Flavor Rosemary Garlic and or Mama Mia.

Always be sure to sanitize properly!



Although we take every sanitary precaution, seasonings are mixed in a facility that may use peanut, tree nuts, milk, soy, shellfish, fish, wheat, and egg ingredients.


$19.99 $25.99 sale

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Brine works great! Great results

We are so glad you loved our Fizzing Poultry Brine and appreciate your awesome review.

Best brine in the world!!!!

This brine is amazing. I have never brined or used brine. This was my first time. The solution and the fizz add a very unique and delicious taste to chicken thighs I made. This is a phenomenal product and I will be buying more very soon!

I'm very excited for Thanksgiving!

Awesome job and keep up the hard work.

Thank you Brian for your awesome 5 star review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and love for our product.

Dave Ramos

If Brine was an occasion, then the Pawpa flavors new Fizzing poultry brine is the star at the gala. It’s a simple but well executed must have to raise the bar at the dinner table.
From chicken wings to roasted chicken, game bird to the thanksgiving day turkey this brine is a necessity to every home chef and the success of your next dinner party.

Thank you, Dave, for this incredible review and sharing your love of our Fizzing Poultry Brine. We agree. The bar has been raised!

Enhances the Flavor!

I have had poultry without brine, and I have had poultry with brine. This Pawpa Flavor brine with "The Fizz" raises the tasty-ness of poultry to a level above what I now feel is a "basic brine" (without the fizz). I used to believe that using a brine made the best poultry, but now I know that not all brine's are the same! I will not use anything but Pawpa Flavor's Fizzing Poultry Brine from now on. Thank you for such a great product!

Thank you Sarah for your excellent review of our Fizzing Poultry Brine. Pawpa bear just couldn't this one to himself any longer. We are so happy you are loving it!

Game changing product!

I will preface this by saying I have brined many turkeys in my life; a few hundred for sure. I have tried countless packaged brines as well as making my own. This brine by itself stands high above ANYTHING I have tried in the past. Factor in the carbonation variable (The Fizz) and the flavor penetration it gives you makes this product far superior than anything on the market today.

Wow!!! Thank you Kevin for your incredible review of our Fizzing Poultry Brine. We are so happy you love it! We agree, it is quite superior to all other brines out there.

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